[SOLD] 1992 Ford Econovan (in Christchurch)

We’re selling our 1992 Ford Econovan. The van will be for sale from late March in Christchurch.

The van has been our cosy home for the last months and reliable transport while we explored the North and South Island on and off the beaten track and travelled over 13,000 km so far. It had the perfect size for us – big enough for a family of 3 with a baby eager to explore and crawl, yet small and maneouvrable enough even for narrow and winding mountain roads and scenic camping spots.

Please note that the photos were taken while we were still on the road. The van will get a good cleanup before sale!

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**** Technical details ****

– 2.0l Mazda petrol engine (the whole van is actually a rebadged Mazda)
– Bodywork exeptionally tidy for its age, only some superficial rust spots. Some scratches and dents. Not a pile of filler.
– Will have done around 360,000km in total when we’ve finished travelling.
– Has had a 2nd hand replacement engine in 2013, which has done approximately 183,000kms by now. Not a lot for an engine that has a reputation of being bullet-proof.
– No overheating issues, starts and runs well (however, being an old-school carburetor engine, just be gentle with it while cold).
– Timing belt still good. Also, this is a non interfering engine that won’t destroy the valves, should the timing belt break.
– Brakes / suspension / steering all in good shape, handles really well in gusty New Zealand winds and on mountain roads.
– Commercial tyres still good for a lot of kms. Approx. 6mm thread left on rear wheels, even more on the front ones.
– Power steering
– Unlike many backpackers who just drive their vehicle hoping that it will do until they leave, we had a lot of mainenance work done:
— replaced alternator belt
— refurbished carburetor
— adjusted ignition timing, replaced contacts
— adjusted valve clearance
— replaced fuel pump
— oil + filter change with previous engine flush
— replaced house battery
— replaced gas cylinder
— We also cleaned the van’s interior very thoroughly when we bought it (including the curtains and upholstery)
— New WOF in 03/2014
– This is a VERY common vehicle in New Zealand. If something breaks, Kiwi mechanics know these vans inside out and parts are easy to come by.
– Comes with complete tool set, snow chains, jumper cables, petrol canister, 12V->230V inverter

**** The interior ****

– This is an ex rental van meaning it has a professionally made interior, it’s not a DIY camper! Interior still in good shape for being 22 years old.
– High roof (100% dry!), adults up to about 1.75m can stand up straight.
– 4 Seats: 3 in the front (baby seat fits in the middle), one in the back
– Wide double bed with plenty of room for 2 adults + a child (we built an extension so the bed covers the entire van’s width)
– Bed can be configured to a 3-4 person dining area
– Fresh water tank, kitchen sink with detatcheable tap
– Hot tap water (heated by the engine)!
– 2 flame LPG stove
– 230V/12V compressor fridge
– PLENTY of cupboards and storage space plus: a hammock where you can store things that you want to have handy
– 230V air heater
– The van also came with a 600W electrical household heater, so you’re prepared for the very cold nights.
– Separate house battery and small solar panel (delivers enough power to run the fridge on sunny days)
– Comes with complete kitchen utensils: pans, pots, a kettle, plates, bowls, cups, cutlery etc (good for 4)!
– Camping table, 2 folding chairs, DIY baby chair (all well used)
– Also: a one person tent (good condition), solar shower, double sleeping bag.

**** Price ****

We ask NZ$ 8,500 for the van. We are willing to give a discount if you buy the van before we leave New Zealand, which is early April. However, we are prepared to wait with the sale until the next season starts. After we leave, the sale will be handled by the Backpacker’s Car Market in Christchurch.

If you are interested in the van, please call us on 021 – 08395616 or contact us here.

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